Marquis Who's Who is proud to honor its most distinguished listees based on their career longevity,
philanthropic endeavors and lasting contributions to society. Out of 1.5 million biographees, only a
small percentage are selected for the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. Among
that prestigious group, a handful are chosen to represent Marquis in The Wall Street Journal. It is our
great pleasure to present one of them here. Congratulations to Dr. John Parks Trowbridge!

John Parks Trowbridge

A A celebrated trailblazer in the medical world, Dr. John Parks Trowbridge has long embraced a natural curiosity for the intricate systems comprising the human body. He recalls tinkering with anatomy models while visiting the home study of his childhood best friend's father, who was an Air Force physician. An Eagle Scout, Dr. Trowbridge was named a National Merit Scholar and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences from Stanford University. While earning an MD from Case Western Reserve University, he studied at the National Institutes of Health and wrote and produced a series of 12 videos for teaching about congenital heart disease.

Dr. Trowbridge trained in general surgery at Mount Zion Medical Center in San Francisco, urological surgery at the University of Texas-Houston/Texas Medical Center, and master's studies in nutrition through the Florida Institute of Technology/Medical Research Institute. A broad background studying under leading professors in both medicine and surgery equipped him to step back and see "the big picture," where complex patient issues became easier to understand and effectively treat. His 1976 Bantam Books bestseller, "The Yeast Syndrome," is acknowledged worldwide for explaining confusing

clinical presentations, especially those encountered in younger adults. More recently, fungal markers identified in blood samples from patients suffering from dramatic, puzzling, and often life-threatening illnesses have led Dr. Trowbridge to discover and develop treatments providing considerable recovery. Examples include severe skin sores, leukemia, bile duct cancer, elevated prostate PSA levels, lingering infections, and immune deficiencies, all treated without conventional cortisone or chemotherapy. Fungal markers discovered in plaque-blocking heart arteries suggest an evolving dimension in treating deadly cardiovascular diseases.

Insistent on finding a cause where one is suspected through detailed history taking, hands-on physical exams, emerging tests, and novel reasoning, Dr. Trowbridge cautions against assuming that drugs or surgery are the only real choices. He attributes his practice success to a simple, unwavering devotion: to pose challenging questions and actively seek out practical answers. Illuminating this passion led to Editor's Choice awards for chapters in books co-authored with luminaries, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Larry King. An expert in heavy metal toxicology, his innovative "chelation therapy" programs remove lead, mercury, and more, to revitalize the lives of patients with assorted degenerative conditions — even having had two patients removed from the heart transplant list as they recovered.

Dr. Trowbridge holds fast to the belief that people should get out of their pain and on with their lives, and since 1990, his nonsurgical treatments have helped people suffering with arthritis, neck and back pains, joint pains, and sports injuries. Recognized for his expertise in the blossoming field of regenerative medicine, he has coached over three dozen physicians to perform stem cell treatments for delightful recovery after years of suffering. Intent on sharing his innovative diagnostic and treatment perspectives, Dr. Trowbridge has lectured in Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and across the United States. His patients travel from far and wide, frustrated by feeling sick and tired despite having received the best conventional care.

Dr. Trowbridge has authored dozens of CDs, DVDs, books, and articles, and has planned numerous professional meetings for organizations through which he has served as president or director. His continuing contributions are recognized by the 2014 Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from the International College of Integrative Medicine, being named a Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, and by listings in over five dozen volumes of Marquis Who's Who titles. A natural educator, he encourages people to know that they do have health choices now, otherwise ... they don't have any.